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Second Story

A second story addition is a type of home improvement

A second story addition is a type of home improvement project in which the homeowner adds an additional story to their existing home. This type of addition can involve either constructing a brand new story onto the house, or renovating the attic space to create a new level. There are many reasons why homeowners might choose to undertake a second story addition project. Perhaps they need more living space, or want to create a bedroom and bathroom suite for elderly parents or adult children who are moving back home. Alternatively, they may simply want to increase the value of their home by adding more square footage.  

Considerations of a Second Story Addition

More space

One of the primary reasons to add a second story to your home is to gain more space. A second story addition will typically double the amount of living space in your home, which can be very beneficial if you have a growing family or frequently entertain guests.

More privacy

Another reason to add a second story to your home is for more privacy. With an additional level, you can create separate living spaces for yourself and your family members. This can be especially beneficial if you have young children who need their own space to play or study.

Better Views

If your home is located in an area with beautiful views, a second story addition can give you better access to them. With an additional level, you can create a private balcony or terrace where you can enjoy the scenery.

More Natural Light

Adding a second story to your home can also help to increase the amount of natural light that enters the house. With additional windows on the upper level, you can let in more sunlight, which can help to brighten up the space and make it feel more open and airy.

Improved Resale Value

Another benefit of adding a second story to your home is that it can improve the resale value of the property. A two-story home is typically more desirable than a one-story home, so if you ever decide to sell, you may be able to get a higher price for your house.

In Ottawa, obtaining a building permit is a crucial step when planning a new addition to your home. A building permit ensures that the proposed construction meets the necessary building codes and safety standards, as well as adheres to local zoning bylaws. Magnolia Construction will help you apply for a building permit for your Second story. We will submit detailed plans and specifications of the proposed addition to the City of Ottawa’s Building Services department.