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Side Split Houses

Magnolia Construction Side Split Houses

Magnolia Construction specializes in custom home building, providing homeowners with the perfect solution for their housing needs. A side split house could be ideal for those seeking a unique and modern design that maximizes living space. At Magnolia Construction, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you design and construct the perfect side split house that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Here are some advantages of side split houses and custom home building with Magnolia Construction:


Side split houses offer a stylish and functional design that maximizes living space while maintaining a small footprint, making them an excellent choice for smaller lots or irregularly-shaped properties.

Increased Living Space

Side split houses provide a range of living spaces that can be customized to meet your needs. From large living areas to multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, we can incorporate all the features and amenities that are important to you.


Side split houses offer a sense of privacy by separating public and private living spaces. Bedrooms and other private living areas can be located on the upper levels, while living areas and public spaces can be located on the lower levels.


With custom home building, you can design a side split house that fits your unique lifestyle. Whether you need extra bedrooms, a home office, or an open-concept living area, we can incorporate all the features and amenities that are important to you.

Comprehensive Services

Magnolia Construction provides a wide range of construction services. From site preparation and foundation work to framing, electrical, plumbing, and finishing work, we can handle all aspects of the construction process. This allows you to work with a single team of experts who can oversee the entire project and ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction.


At Magnolia Construction, we are committed to delivering high-quality custom homes that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations. If you are considering building a side split house or any other type of custom home, contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation with our team of experts.