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Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen style is perfect for those who appreciate a contemporary, minimalistic look.

This style is well-suited for those with smaller kitchens, as the lack of clutter and decorations allows for maximum efficiency and storage. The modern kitchen style is also perfect for those who like to entertain, as it allows for plenty of space to entertain guests without feeling cramped. Those who appreciate a modern aesthetic or are looking to update their kitchen in Ottawa with a contemporary look can benefit from the modern kitchen style.

Modern kitchens often feature a combination of materials, such as wood, stone, concrete, and metal. Wood cabinetry is often used for upper and lower cabinets, with stainless steel appliances adding a modern touch. A large island with a breakfast bar is a common feature of modern kitchens. Contemporary lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights, are often used to complete the look. To add a splash of colour, modern kitchen backsplashes often feature brightly coloured tiles or bold geometric patterns. Choose sleek cabinets, counters, and hardware for a truly modern kitchen. To keep the look light and airy, keep the colour palette light and neutral, using pops of colour to bring the look together. Finally, add additional storage options, such as a pantry or pull-out drawers, to make the kitchen more functional.

Elements of a Modern Kitchen Style

Pros and Cons of a Modern Kitchen Style