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Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Inspiration for Your Bathroom

new bathroom with glass shielded tub

Spa-like Atmosphere in Your Own Home

Designing a Relaxing Bathroom Space

Having a relaxing, spa-like experience in your home sounds perfect. So, why not make that a reality? Older bathrooms tend to feel stuffy and outdated. They also often lack the space and infrastructure to store your belonging, which has resulted in storage solutions being brought in that creates an awkward space. During our design stage, we’ll be able to provide you with a functional design that meets the need of your family. We’ll be able to incorporate various design elements that speak to your personality, making it the most relaxing space for you to enjoy!

Our team at Magnolia will be able to help you choose everything from your tiles, cabinets, bathtub, and more! Get started with our team today by booking a consultation with our team.

Combine vintage hardware and new designs

There can absolutely be too much of a good thing with bathrooms. All chrome or silver appliances do look beautiful, but they can be a little too modern for some people’s tastes. Combining both vintage pieces with more modern designs can be a great way to make your bathroom look a little more rustic and unique.

Bathroom Saunas

Saunas are amazing for relaxation, improved sleep, and pain relief. Long gone are the days of traditional wooden box saunas that overpower the look of your home. With Magnolia Construction, you can get an in-bathroom sauna without sacrificing aesthetics. Contact us today to explore our wide array of materials and designs for your home sauna.

Vintage Bathroom Sink and Wooden Mirror for Bathroom Renovation Inspiration
Green Shower Tiles in Bathroom with Black Hardware

Add a Pop of Colour With Shower Tiles

There’s a time and place for bold colourful tiles, and your bathroom shower walls are that place! In our opinion, choosing beautiful and unique tiling for a bathroom is one of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation.

Storage and Functionality

Making your bathroom space a beautiful place is absolutely essential, but make sure you don’t forget about functionality. Beauty and practicality are not mutually exclusive when it comes to bathroom renovations. Make sure there’s plenty of storage space for all your toiletries and bathroom accessories. At Magnolia Construction, we can be by your side every step of the way – including during the design process! We can make sure nothing important is left behind.

Get Creative With Wallpaper

Looking for a more budget-friendly way to transform your bathroom? Using wallpaper to add a pop of colour and design is a great budget-friendly way to jazz up your bathroom. Make sure you do your research before purchasing! Bathrooms with showers will expose your wallpaper to lots of steam, so to avoid peeling or bubbling, make sure you invest in high-quality wallpaper and that the application is done properly.

Black and White Wallpaper Accent Wall in Retro Bathroom
white tile bathroom with tub and toilet

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Work With Magnolia for the Best Results

Work With Magnolia for the Best Results
We’ve worked with homeowners across Ottawa to design and build their dream bathrooms. From installing new showers to adding in a floating vanity, our team has done it all. To get started on your bathroom renovation, contact our team at Magnolia Construction.

Attention to Detail

We leave no stone unturned, we think of every little detail to ensure the final result is absolutely beautiful.

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Our extensive experience in bathroom renovations allows us to deliver high-quality results to our clients.