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In older home designs, the kitchen is often its own room, separated from the rest of the house. However, kitchens have become a high-traffic area for gathering and socializing with your family and friends. In modern homes, you’ll open-concept layouts that allow the kitchen, dining room and family room to naturally flow into each other. Kitchen islands, lots of storage space and hidden pantries are all becoming must-haves for anyone looking to transform their kitchen. Choosing the right colour scheme and mix of textures throughout your kitchen is crucial for getting the atmosphere and style right.

Our team at Magnolia will be able to help you with choosing everything from your backsplash, flooring, cabinets, countertops, colour scheme and more! Get started with our team by booking a complimentary consultation.

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We’ve worked with homeowners across Ottawa to design and build their dream kitchen. From tearing down walls to adding hidden pantries, our team has done it all. Get started on your kitchen renovation, contact our team at Magnolia Construction.

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