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Transforming Your Living Room

Turn Your House Into A Haven With A Living Room Renovation

The living room is the heart of a family home. The idea of a family room being its own separate space is quickly becoming a thing of the past. New designers are moving towards more open-concept layouts to let the social area of the home flow between the living room and kitchen. This maximizes the entertainment space of the home. Having secret storage spaces and built-in entertainment units are quickly becoming necessities in a modern home. Choosing proper paint colours, wallpapers for an accent wall and the proper furniture for your living room is important to create a perfect living room. Magnolia’s team of experts is here to help you with every stage along the way!

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Here at Magnolia, we are proud to have served hundreds of clients in the Ottawa region, helping them transform their living room into the heart of their home. From installing secret storage space to tearing down walls for a more open concept feel to your home, our team of experts at Magnolia have you covered. Get in touch with us now to get started on your new project!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about working with Magnolia Construction on designing your next home renovation, take a look at some of the common questions we get from clients in Ottawa. Contact our team today if you have any further questions, we’d be happy to answer them!

When it comes to designing a living room renovation or remodel, there are 7 core principles to consider:

  • Space
  • Lines
  • Form or Shape
  • Pattern
  • Light Colour
  • Texture

Our team at Magnolia can help you incorporate the principles of design into your flooring, wall fixtures and more. Book a consultation to learn more about how we can help you!

The living room is an important part of the house. It’s where you go to relax after a long day or where you entertain guests. It’s important that the design you choose for your living room perfectly reflects the needs of your family. If your family is big on movie nights or gaming, include a built-in entertainment centre that you can store everything in for easy access. If your family is the type that needs extra space after long days, an open-concept floor plan is probably not the route to go for your remodel.

If you need help planning your living room renovation in Ottawa, book a consultation with our team!

Houses were traditionally built so that every room was separate from the other. In recent years, there’s been a design trend towards open-concept living rooms that connect to the kitchen. Depending on your lifestyle, open-concept living spaces can give you more usable space and make entertaining guests a lot easier. If you’re someone who values privacy, open-concept floor plans can make it hard for you to find quiet space.

If you need help planning your living room remodel or renovation, book a consultation with our team!

Traditionally, carpet has been a favourite living room flooring choice among homeowners. However, carpeting is hard to clean and not resistant to spills or stains. Depending on your lifestyle, a hard surface flooring material may be a better choice. If you have pets, or young kids, wood or LVT flooring will be easier to maintain and clean. In any case, the flooring you choose should be durable so that it can withstand foot traffic yet still be comfortable.

Planning a living room remodel or renovation in Ottawa? Our team can help you choose the right materials and make your vision a reality. Book a consultation today!