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5 Tips for Preparing for an Ottawa Home Renovation

Home renovations are one of the most exciting undertakings in the world.

Each year, thousands of homeowners in Ottawa prepare to renovate and revitalize their family homes to reflect their own unique personal styles. Magnolia Construction has been with them every step of the way to help fully realize their home’s full potential.

How To Prepare For Your Home Renovation Project

Making sure you have made all the necessary preparations for your upcoming renovation project can be a big undertaking! It is important to make a plan and stay organized when making your preparations.

We understand this can be a big undertaking. This is why we have assembled this simple list of tips to help you make your renovation preparations as seamless as possible.

Read more to ensure you are completely prepared for what is to come!

Have An Appliance Plan

When renovating your kitchen, there is a very good chance large appliances will have to be disconnected and removed to properly complete the project.

Because of this, it is important to have a well-laid-out appliance plan for the duration of the renovation! Your outdoor grill may become your best friend, however, if it is too cold to be grilling outside it may be wise to invest in a portable tabletop grill. This way, you can still make hot meals for the upcoming few weeks.

Trust us, once the project is completed to your exact specifications, it will all be worth it.

Update Your Security System

During a renovation project, your house may feel like a revolving door of people coming and going. There is a good chance you will need to let workers into your home and leave them unsupervised, which is why we suggest investing in a few small security features to provide you with peace of mind during the renovation. These security features include:


  • Purchasing an in-house safe to protect documents
  • Install a video doorbell to monitor deliveries while you aren’t at home
  • Install easily reprogrammable smart locks to grant access to contractors for a limited period of time


Following these simple steps will do wonders for your peace of mind.

Clear Out Your Space

When renovating major rooms such as a living room, or even a basement, it is important to clear out as much stuff as possible. This will make it easier for the construction team to work efficiently.

We suggest renting a storage unit to facilitate this process and remove as much non-essential clutter from the space as possible.

Cover Remaining Furniture With Plastic

There may still be items of furniture that simply cannot be removed from the space. This is where plastic wrap and tarps come in!

Cover valuable furniture in tarps and plastic to ensure no dirt or dust gets on them and potentially damages them in the end.

Taking this important step to preserve your furniture is absolutely essential. It is frequently overlooked until it is time to break ground on your renovation project. This can cause unnecessary delays, so make sure to plan ahead.

Make Alternative Living Arrangements

The most important part of preparing for a renovation is being in contact with your contractor. Find out if you’ll be able to live in your home during the renovation.

If it’s not possible, it is important to make different arrangements in advance to avoid any unnecessary chaos.

Whether it be staying with a friend or family member, or even booking at a hotel, it is good to have this plan in place at least three weeks before your renovation is set to begin.

Magnolia Construction – Helping You Prepare For Your Home Renovation!

Magnolia Construction has helped thousands of happy homeowners achieve the home renovation of their dreams.

You are in good hands when you trust our team of experts to help you through every stage of the project. From preparing to break ground to the moment you get to enter your newly renovated home for the first time!

Contact us today and we will be happy to walk you through the steps of our renovation process and book a free consultation with you to get started.

Our customers are our passion, and we cannot wait to help you get the home of your dreams!