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What You Need to Know About Home Additions in Ottawa

Over time, the house you once adored for its layout and design can start to feel dated and small. That’s when you are faced with choosing if you want to move or build a  home addition.

If your needs and goals are in life are changing and evolving, home additions are a perfect solution to avoid having to deal with moving!

If you’re considering investing in a home addition but you’re unsure of how it works or what’s involved, here is Magnolia’s guide to home additions in Ottawa.

Advantages of a Home Addition

A home addition is a big decision! It comes with many advantages and there are a variety of ways you can approach this investment depending on your budget. Advantages of home additions in Ottawa include:

Make More Room for Your Family

a team of two contractors lifting up a wall for a home addition

A huge advantage of investing in a home addition is making more space for your family. There are a number of reasons you may want to make more room including:

  • Your family is growing
  • The needs of your family are changing (office space, rec rooms…etc.)
  • A guest room for overnight guests
  • An ensuite for your parents or in-laws

Expanding your space through a home addition is a great choice if you’re looking to remain in your current home!

Improve the Functionality of Your Home

Most people think a home addition requires adding a whole new room to our house, however, home additions can be big or small projects.

They can be used to make the layout of your home more functional. You can expand your second floor to build out your bathroom to make space for that deep soak luxury bathtub you’ve been dreaming of!

Or, you can bump out your first floor a bit so that you can include extra storage on the main floor of your home.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Investing in a home addition is a great way to increase the property value of your home.

Boosting the square footage of your home will boost the overall value. A home addition that is well-designed and built, will attract potential buyers. It can even make the difference between receiving offers over asking or not.

Uses For a Home Addition in Ottawa

Home additions are much more than just adding another room to your house. When designed and executed well, you can provide your home with extra space and better functionality.

Home additions may include the following projects:

  • Add a second story addition to your home
  • Expand your bathroom
  • Add onto your kitchen
  • Build a sunroom or garage addition
  • Consider a bump-out extension

…among many other options!

Working with an experienced team, like Magnolia Construction, you’ll be provided with expert advice on how to best approach a home addition project!

Home Additions in Ottawa & Factors That May Impact the Cost

In Ottawa, a building permit is required for a home addition. The Ontario Building Code outlines minimum requirements for various elements such as framing and foundation requirements related to home additions. To successfully obtain a building permit, you’ll need:

  • Application for a permit to construct or demolish
  • Pay the applicable fees
  • Two complete sets of plans that are legible and scaled
  • Truss layout as supplied from the manufacturer
  • Joist layout as supplied from the manufacturer

The cost of a home addition may vary depending on your vision for the final project and other factors. Things that may affect the cost of a home addition include:

  • The location of the home addition: first floor or second floor?
  • The size of the home addition: larger home additions involve more material and labour
  • The logistics involved in the home addition: will your addition need to be connected to the plumbing system?

Make Your Home Bigger & Better With Magnolia Construction

Home additions are no small task! They involve careful consideration and expertise otherwise the results end up looking out of place.

Choosing to work with experienced home addition contractors, like Magnolia Construction, will ensure that your home addition is done in the best possible way. We work with you every step of the way, from your initial vision and blueprints to securing the right permits needed from the city of Ottawa. Our team strives to provide you with an addition that is both functional and blends seamlessly with your current home.

Get in touch with Magnolia Construction to get started on building your dream home addition in Ottawa!