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Planning a Basement Renovation With Functional Storage

Transforming your basement from a dark and cold space to a livable one is only scratching the surface of a renovation. Adding features to your design that provide you with functional storage will take your basement renovation to the next level.


When you’re planning a basement renovation, think about how you can maximize your storage so your finished basement is perfect for your family’s needs.


With years of experience with basement renovations, here’s Magnolia’s guide for planning a functional basement renovation in Ottawa.


Tips for Planning a Basement Renovation

There are several things you’ll want to consider when renovating your basement. Here’s what we believe is most important:

Set a Budget for Your Basement Renovation

The cost to finish a basement can vary depending on your plans. The best place to start when planning a basement renovation is to set a budget.


Figuring out what you’re willing to spend will help you during the next stages when you’re planning elements to include. Also, be realistic about your budget and plan for unexpected costs. Older homes tend to have surprises that can’t be accounted for before the work starts.

Decide on Your Use for the Space

Next, you’ll want to figure out the problems you’re trying to solve by renovating your basement. Get your family involved and see what they think the house is missing and make a list.


Decide what the most practical use for the space is and start planning the floor plan and details!

Draft a Floor Plan & Decide the Details

Visualizing the renovation will help you make sure you’re using the space in the best possible way.


At this point as well, the design team from Magnolia Construction will be able to help you finalize your layout. We’ll be able to help you create a precise floor plan for the renovation. We can help you decide the final details like paint colours, materials, furnishings and more.


Basement Renovations Ideas With Functional Storage

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your functional basement:

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

When you’re planning the layout of your renovated basement, don’t forget to account for vertical space! This type of storage is perfect for bulky items (luggage, sports equipment…etc.) and seasonal items (holiday decorations, winter clothing…etc.). Don’t clutter up your easy-to-reach storage spaces with items you only use at certain times of the year.

Built-in Storage Cabinets & Shelves

The best way to maximize functional storage is to add built-in cabinets and shelves. This way, you’re not creating awkward spaces by introducing shelving units after the renovation is complete.


A mix of open shelving and closed cabinets give you the perfect mix of storage for displaying or concealing your items.

Be Creative & Use Hidden Space

Think outside the box when you’re planning your layout. A finished basement is so much more than just putting up drywall and painting! Find some unconventional ways to add storage to your basement.


For instance, use the space under your stairs. You can use this area to add more storage by designing shelves, cabinets or a closet. Don’t miss out on valuable square footage!


Work With Magnolia Construction to Design & Build Your Basement

Our team at Magnolia Construction has worked with many Ottawa homeowners to transform their basements into functional living spaces.


Whether you’re looking to use your basement as a media room, a second living room, or a guest suite, our team is here to deliver the best results. We’ll work with you to design a layout that meets the needs of your family while giving you a beautiful space you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Get in touch with our team if you’re interested in working with Ottawa’s trusted basement contractors!