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Basement Renovation

In recent years, basements have shed their reputation as being dingy dungeons only useful for storing things you don’t need and scaring kids. Now, people are rightfully exploring the potential of their subterranean dwellings and creating more room for their families and the activities they love. Better yet, a well-crafted basement completed by basement renovation specialists may increase the value of your home and pay for itself. 

Earth Tones

An earthy theme is not an entirely new basement renovation trend, but it’s one that gets modernized with every year that passes. It’s a classic – after all, how can you be more classic than the earth itself? With this basement theme, you’ll find lots of shades of brown, tan, and deep green. The basement furniture, wall, and floor colours are usually accented by the help of plants, small trees, or other nature-related items like hemp rope or clay pots.

If you’re wondering what type of room would benefit from an earthy theme, we recommend a home office.

Earthy Basement

The “old meets new” contrast between lush plants and green walls with a sleek silver computer is easy on the eyes and provides a clean work environment in the comfort of your basement. Consider adding a wood textured wall if privacy and good looks are important to your work.

The team at Magnolia construction are experts in these types of basement renovations – take a look at our portfolio for home office inspiration.

Choosing an earthy theme for your basement renovation is the perfect opportunity to introduce high-quality wood in the form of cupboard doors, floors, or even stairs. For such a task, it’s best practice to employ the help of basement specialists. Magnolia construction provides Ottawa with basement renovation specialists equipped to tackle any job!


With the health of our planet declining year after year, many people are looking for ways to cut back on their imprint and make a difference in their communities. While this basement renovation trend will demand more research and attention, it will give you peace of mind and a future-proof environment.

Sustainable Basement

This theme doesn’t necessarily have a “colour,” (although the aforementioned earth tone theme may be an inspiration) but rather, principles relating to the types of products used to create the environment. Instead of a cotton, leather, or polyester couch, try one made from hemp with a muted colour scheme.

This theme benefits from an open room design as you’ll have more “breathable” space that emulates healthy, natural earth. If unwanted walls are getting in the way, the design experts at Magnolia construction can help open up your space. Magnolia construction has transformed dozens of basements that match this theme and the result is always a fresh, livable environment – make your basement next!

Open Concept

This theme is Magnolia Construction’s bread and butter. Creating an open, breathing, living space is our specialty and we guarantee the satisfaction of your family, friends, and most importantly, you! You’ll find space for room designs you never thought possible in your room. A lush cotton sectional couch with a matching dog bed and a bar? Absolutely!

The best part about an open-concept basement renovation theme is that it’s a blank slate; not only for you but the next owner as well. A larger, finished basement is enticing to buyers that are looking to imprint themselves on their new home without going through the process of finishing it themselves.

Magnolia Construction excels at these types of basements in the Ottawa area – let us increase the space in your home and the value of your property!

Re-Create Your Basement with Magnolia Construction

Open Concept Basement

Contact Magnolia Construction when you decide it’s finally time to develop your basement. Get rid of the old basement stereotypes and upgrade your space into a fresh livable space complete with all the things you love!

Our experts anticipate your needs through our combined decades of experience and we’re happy to add you to our catalogue of satisfied clients.