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Bathroom Renovation Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2022


Bathroom renovations are becoming more popular among homeowners in Ottawa.


Since bathrooms are smaller spaces, they are the most reasonable renovation to invest in for many homeowners. It’s something that won’t significantly impact your daily routine and usually demands a smaller financial investment (depending on your vision!).


For a couple of years now, we’ve seen the trend of bathrooms becoming home spas and spaces for a personal retreat. As this continues, we’re also seeing trends in colour schemes, textures, layouts and more.


Bathroom Renovation Trends to Look for in 2022

Let’s dive into the popular bathroom renovation trends you’ll be seeing in 2022!

Colour & Patterns

Although white bathrooms are still a timeless, go-to style, colours and patterns are making a comeback in 2022!


In particular, we’ll be seeing these patterns and colours present through a feature wall included in the shower. A feature wall is easy to design and execute using tiles and installation techniques.


Through the use of warm colours like shades of orange, yellow and red or cool colours like shades of blue, green, and purple, we expect to see more unique, and elegant atmospheres.

Walk-in Showers & Other Luxury Features

In terms of feature trends, we’re seeing homeowner preferences shifting.


Of course, a bath is a feature for relaxation that can’t be beaten. However, for some people, a spacious walk-in shower is what meets their needs. As well, since most single-family homes have more than one bathroom, homeowners are choosing to keep one bathtub while converting the other to a walk-in shower.


For other features such as fixtures, sinks, and toilets, we’re seeing luxury features that integrate technology. From smart toilets to tech-savvy controls for your shower head, we’re seeing more homeowners opt-in to bathroom designs that offer efficiency and comfort.

Minimalistic, Sleek & Natural Style

Design inspiration is also shifting towards a preference for minimalist and sleek bathrooms. The design style, Japandi will definitely be a trend in 2022. Japandi interior design is a cross between Scandinavian and Japanese design styles. Using calming colour palettes and natural elements such as wood and stone, an atmosphere of relaxation is the result.


With having spent a better part of the last two years as home, many have opted to bring in more houseplants and nature, and the bathroom is no exception. They also come with a number of surprising benefits.


Designing Your Dream Bathroom With Magnolia

If you’re ready to transform your bathroom into the ultimate space for relaxation in 2022, work with our team at Magnolia Construction.


From custom walk-in showers and steam rooms to floating vanities and marble sinks, we’re a team of trusted bathroom contractors that can handle the job.


When you choose to get started with our team, we begin with a design consultation where we take the time to understand your vision, down to every detail. Our design team comes up with a breathtaking plan that our experienced contractors bring to life.


Whether you’re looking to remodel an ensuite bathroom or a small bathroom, our team has so many ideas and are ready to get to work! Book a consultation with us today to get started.