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Remodelling your home in the winter presents significant risks to property and people. The unique conditions presented by this time of year also present unique challenges for any home renovation in Ottawa. As such, you cannot just jump in and ignore what comes with wintertime.

Hence, the team at Magnolia Construction would like you to know what you should expect when planning a home renovation during winter.

Snow and Ice


snowy nice looking house

Winter brings cold temperatures along with snow and ice. These changes to the weather and the environment will increase the difficulty of any remodelling of your home. If the weather gets extreme enough, the contractors will need to stop working to protect themselves.

Snow and ice also introduce an extra element of risk to the contractor. Snow obscures visibility and increases the risk of injury during the remodel. Ice reduces traction on the ground and increases the chances of slipping which also increases the risk of injury.

When remodelling your home in the winter, you should have a plan that allows for the effects of winter weather and accounts for any delays. Your plan should include further measures to protect the contractors carrying out the remodel.

Internal Temperatures

Any home renovation in Ottawa winters can expose the rooms within to the weather without, creating extreme discomfort for the house’s residents.

As such, the insulation and HVAC system of your home needs to be in good working order. You will need it to combat the cold temperatures that will be funnelled directly into your home. This will help the inhabitants of your home as well as the workers carrying out the remodel.


Availability of Necessities

When remodelling your home in the winter, your ability to obtain the necessary supplies and tools for the job becomes dicey.

Supply chains can be easily disrupted in wintertime. Snow, ice and storms during winter have been known to disrupt roads, train lines and other means of transportation. This could limit your access to materials to carry out the renovation or replacement tools for the contractors if they need them

Hence, you should plan ahead and ensure all the equipment and materials required for the job are gathered well in advance of the winter season.


Type of Work

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The kind of work needed when remodelling your home in the winter should be considered greatly.

Work on the exterior of your home should be delayed until warmer weather sets in. If that kind of work needs to be completed during wintertime, precautions to ensure worker safety and limit further damage to the house should be followed closely.

Interior remodelling of your home can occur if the risk of exposing your home to the elements is minimal. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are great examples of this.

Magnolia Construction – Transforming Ottawa Homes

Remodelling your home in the winter is a risky proposition. By carefully planning for a home renovation, you can ensure good quality work and safety for the workers as well.

Please contact us if you need any home renovations in Ottawa. Magnolia Construction employs Ottawa’s renovation specialists, bringing highly skilled craftsmen to your home projects. Our dedication to our craft ensures that we fulfill the full measure of your plan at a reasonable cost.