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Ottawa’s Rules For Building Home Additions

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In the past few years, we have all been spending a lot of time at home, so naturally, people have been looking for new and inventive ways to change up their living space to make it feel fresh again! Because of this, Home additions have become very popular here in Ottawa.

When planning a home addition, it is important to make sure you have the proper permits, documentation and are following all the by-laws for your city.

Whether it be a sun room addition, a small house addition, or a coach house, here in Ottawa, Magnolia sets the standard for home addition contractors!

Here is Magnolia’s guide to the rules and regulations that need to be followed to start your home addition off on the right foot.

Home Additions In Ottawa: What To Know

Before beginning the journey of installing an addition to your home, you need to do your due diligence! It can be confusing, which is why having something like this guide by Magnolia can make the process that much simpler.

We will be discussing who to talk to, what permits are needed, and how to apply for them below!

Before Breaking Ground

First things first, it is always a smart idea to make sure you are allowed to build an addition to your home in accordance with local zoning and by-laws.

This can be easily solved with the help of a Development Information Officer! They can advise on any number of topics, from Lot coverage to building height regulations.

How Much and How Long is a Home Addition Project?

an inspector and a client going through the permits needed for a home addition in Ottawa

Once you have submitted the proper permits for your home addition in Ottawa, you can expect the first review of your application to take place in 10 business days.

But what permits do you need?

And how much will it cost?

It is important to know how much applying for the proper building permits will cost! Depending on what you need to be completed for your home addition, the price can vary.

Make Sure To Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools for a project like this will set you up for success. The city of Ottawa has a handy homeowner building checklist for constructing a residential addition that will make your home addition project that much simpler.

What Inspections Do You Need?

Throughout the process of installing a home addition, various inspections need to be performed to ensure the project is up to code. You can find a list of potential inspections to anticipate throughout your project here.

a home contractor working on the wood frame for a home additionMagnolia – Ottawa’s Home Additions Contractor

Building a home addition in Ottawa can be stressful, but with the help of our expert team here at Magnolia, it can be a breeze!

Don’t worry about what forms need to be filled out and what the cost will be, we will help you file the proper forms, and keep you informed of any and all changes throughout the construction process! Get in touch with Ottawa’s home addition experts, and see the full potential of your home addition!