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As we get older, the living situations of our parents and in-laws become more relevant than ever. A retirement home might not be the best choice for many reasons and having them live alone could be just as unfavourable. Co-habitation with the in-laws proves to be a viable option if you have the appropriate space. With a remodel, a basement can become that in-law suite you need to help take care of your aging parents and/or in-laws.

Hence, the experts at Magnolia Construction would like to provide you with the information you need to carry out the appropriate basement renovation in Ottawa.

Safetystairs going down to newly renovated basement

When renovating your basement into an in-law suite, your top priority is making sure your live-in parents are safe. Consider the building codes and ensure that you comply with all requirements for fire safety and emergency exits. If mobility is a problem for your parents or in-laws, installing configurations for stairs and railings should be part of your basement renovation. A stair lift would be especially helpful in making sure that no accidents happen.


Creating a private space for your in-laws or parents can make the transition from their place to yours a much easier process. As such, privacy should be a major concern for your Ottawa basement renovation. Adding features to soundproof the basement can help create that private space they need. Hearing tends to diminish as we age, so if a parent needs to increase the volume of the TV or speak loudly, there is little to no disturbance in the rest of the household. Also, if a teenager turns up their music or TV, they won’t disturb their in-laws.

Accessibilityrenovated basement room

As part of your Ottawa basement renovation, you should consider a universal design for the kitchen and bathroom. This will help you create cooking and cleaning areas with features that can accommodate any and all people, regardless of their age or physical ability. With features such as a spacious walk-shower without a curb or raised base cabinets, the bathroom is great for those with decreased mobility. Other features to consider include rounded corners for vanities and countertops to reduce the risk of injuries.

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Turning your basement into an in-law suite provides your parents or in-laws with a space that feels uniquely theirs and allows you to help them when necessary. Taking care of your parents in their old age is a small but invaluable way of reciprocating all the aid they gave you in your youth.

Please contact us for all your basement renovation needs. Magnolia Construction has been handling various renovation projects, from simple single-room projects to complex renovations, for multiple years. Our mission is to deliver beautiful work with the highest quality on time and on budget. Our highly skilled and experienced team of craftsmen will make sure you can enjoy your home knowing our work will stand the test of time.